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General Discussion


Posted 1 day ago

I’m 40 years old , and dealing with oAB and leakage. I recently started seeing a uerogyn. I’ve already tried Trispom and now mybetriq . Neither have helped.


Posted 2 days ago

When were you diagnosed? What did your diagnostics consist of? Which type of doctor did you see? Did it include a pelvic exam, ultrasound, etc?Thank you...

Bladder Spasms

Posted 1 week ago

I have OAB but the urgency is not so bad that I can't make it to the bathroom in time. I'm dealing with bladder spasms that can be painful. Anyone else having bladder spasms?





Severe pain

Posted 3 weeks ago

I was recently diagnosed at 23 with OAB after having a c section where they had to run my bladder (irritating it). After birth I didn’t have any issues for two weeks.