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Bladder Botox

5 months ago

I have extreme urg & freq urinating up to 30 times a day. Pelvic PT indicated by pelvic floor is strong. A cystoscopy showed my bladder capacity was only 130 mL. A normal bladder holds 1000 mls. A normal person feels the urge to urinate when they have 250-450 mls in their bladder. When I have 30 mL in my bladder, I feel the urge. The cystoscopy also showed that there was something pushing in on my bladder from the outside, the urogyn thought it was my uterus, and it was possible that my bladder had adhered to my uterus due to complications from a C-section. I’ve seen a couple handfuls of urologists and urogyns. They differ in their opinion as to what to do: hysterectomy, bladder Botox or hydrodistention. What, if anything has helped U?